A Logic Sore

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

"(soleri) lines drawn for buildings, for homes, for notes collected like anagrams
the radio sounds like an invitation to scramble all belongings and float them through the air as jets.
or I was wondering if wind + electricity stopped, I could see you
coming down the road glowing with a candle in your hand" - JS

...mixes together rapid panoramic camera movements with interrupted radio news broadcast ("...Investigation into Thursday's bombing..."), arcade games, and shotgun sounds. The editing is a jazzy composition, a score of blue notes, polyrhythms, and syncopations. For the image, Schwartz made collages with xeroxed blueprints from Arcology, Paolo Soleri's set of architecture and ecology principles. It is a very obscure piece followed by new year sun (2010), in which Schwartz approaches light traveling through water in all its forms. His macro lens strives to get closer to the essence, to the transparency of things, and yet, the tenebrous and doomed cry of a church's bell, and the ascending, unstoppable pitch that accompany the images end up close to the sound of a derailed train--and the unfocused, unclear vision that comes with it.
- Monica Saviron

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