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"Lynn Marie Kirby belongs to that small group of artists who are creating, patiently and steadily, new forms and new artistic events while using the resources of new technologies...

She is indeed an artist whose work represents simultaneously artistic explorations and philosophical revolutions. She thinks with tools (cameras, screens, celluloid, etc.), exploring them as if they were intellectual materials in their own right...positioning herself not in 'front' of images but into them, within their structure, and making explode that which we usually take for granted...

We have been immersed in a civilization -- an almost global one -- which favored permanence over impermanence, materiality over evanescence, division over continuity, certitude over doubt, single definition over multiplicity of meaning, flickers of light over that which is covered by immense shadows. All this is being shaken to its roots by a few artists (and scientists) such as Kirby whose works are, finally, pure energy." - Etel Adnan

Contains Salon: 61 rue de Maubeuge, Couloir, L'entree, and Scans: 1-55.

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