And By The Night

Rental Format(s): 16mm film, 18 fps

After a period of no revelations, Surah al-Duha was revealed to Prophet Muhammad, stating that God had neither forsaken nor forgotten him. And to be patient. The film is also about my abortion.

Milwaukee Underground Film Festival (2018)
Haverhill Experimental Film Festival (2018)
Antimatter [media art] (2018)
Fracto Experimental Film Encounter (2018)
FLEX Fest (2019)
Chicago Underground Film Festival (2019)
Cosmic Rays Film Festival (2019)
Indie Grits (2019)
Athens International Film + Video Festival (2019)
Moviate Underground Film Festival (2019)
LIFT Seasonal Screening Series (2019)
That One Film Festival (2020)

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16mm film, 18 fps $55.00  

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