Taboo (The Single and the LP)

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"Abner L. Fuqua clears his throat and I get mad and stand close to trains or cut my eyebrow off. Dorothy is Abner's wife. Abner can slap hard, like blue magic." --graffiti

"...I had fantasies about who wrote the graffiti, what it was about and what blue magic is. In the movie, Fahed wrote the graffiti about his family. Abner slaps hard like blue magic--So the main threads are the family, what is blue magic, and who wrote the graffiti. Then there are the threads of youth and love. It's about rules and games and patriarchal manipulation. It's everything my family brought me up with smashed into one movie ... Yes, it's a cubistic narrative. Cubism is seeing something from all perspectives, and that's what's going on in TABOO." --Curt McDowell, from an interview with Jenny Shepard in Cheap & Nasty

"The secret gem of Program 2 is Taboo (The Single and the LP), an hourlong surrealist quasi-narrative based on cryptic bathroom graffiti McDowell once came across. It taps into a sense of dread far removed from McDowell's usual guileless lustiness, and recursively riffs on a few central motifs to great effect." (Whitney Strub)

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