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"BANG reveals Breer at his most accomplished and most playful. It is also his most autobiographical film - the youngster paddling a boat is Breer as a boy and the pencil cartoon sequences were drawn by Breer when he was around ten years old.

"Robert Breer is the godfather of animation art. In BANG he sustains ten dense minutes of collagistic mayhem that's as potent as anything he's ever done. Television images of a boy paddling a boat and an arena crowd cheering, plus film shots of bright pink and red flowers and a toy phone, are intercut with frenetic drawings in Breer's trademark heavy crayon, principally of baseball games. Breer inserts a photo of himself with a question mark scrawled over his head, accompanied by the words 'Don't be smart.' But he can't help it - he is." - Katherine Dieckmann, The Village Voice

"Robert Breer's style is akin to musical composition. His films begin by presenting various elements - a dog, a house, a telephone - upon which he will later expand. The films seem to be variations on the themes of certain objects or words or gestures, variations that grow and build, becoming ever more complex." - Janet Maslin, The New York Times

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