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ARTIFACT (Circa 2006)

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Consider a world where all human communications are represented by numbers, a digital world.

Imagine a future archaeologist finding a DV cassette from hundreds of years ago (a real found object, Circa 2006, full length and uncut). Imagine trying to decode this ancient digital object, codecs unknown, obsolete, hardware long lost.

Crack the code? Available algorithms scan, databases compare, construct, deconstruct, reconstruct the artifact. 2006, the dawn of self-by-numbers, digitized identity. What human fragments, fugitive narratives, remain? Do we have a future history? What will the algorithms decide?

ARTIFACT (circa 2006)
The archaeology of Identity.

As an option, rental includes companion short film to be screened with Artifact (circa 2006):
the medium is the message (2020) 4 minutes, color, sound

An age of numerology
communication : numbers
digits : representation
algorithms : codecs
compression : bitrot : memory
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