Knee Jerk

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Knee Jerk is a moving image work that was made in the advanced processing workshop of the personal cinema class at the San Francisco Art Institute that I taught in fall 2018.

Educational film material is hand-processed, manipulated and re-contextualized by the voices of women at the newest U.S. Supreme Court justice#s confirmation hearing.

Since 2017, we have seen the rampant dismantling of access to reproductive rights and state mandated assault in the state of Missouri towards women.

Students who participated in this workshop include:

Sarah Aineb
Colleen Donovan
Daniella Parrado
Izabell Navarro Perez
Gautama Ramesh

Production format: 16mm, HD Video

Screened at the Museum of Human Achievement, curated by Experimental Response Cinema and in Engauge Film Festival in Seattle, WA.

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