Lulu Faustine

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A miracle happened: summer came ahead of time. To be in love with an image was worse than being in love with a ghost. (I feel as if my tympanum were breaking.) Almost everything, in fact, does have an explanation. (Atmospheric pressure is increasing...). The remaining chapters will hold no surprises. (...and I feel as if my tympanum were breaking.) To be on an island inhabited by artificial ghosts was the most unbearable of nightmares. (12.30 o'clock, respiration is extraordinarily difficult.) I have given you a pleasant eternity! Just me for you and you for me alone. (I am intoxicated with gasoline.) It will be an act of piety.

Image by Stephen Broomer, Sound by Stuart Broomer

Production format: 16mm, HD Video

Screenings and Awards: MUTA 2020

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