The Films of James Broughton [Facets DVD box set]

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Spanning a decades-long artistic career, the collected films of James Broughton represent a remarkable body of work by a leading avant-garde American filmmaker--an undisputed master of the fusion of spoken poetry with moving images. A poet and dramatist as well as a filmmaker, Broughton has transformed all three of these forms into what Stan Brakhage called "an art of lifelong montage."

Disc 1: The Early Years
Mother's Day (1948)
Loony Tom (1951)
Four In The Afternoon (1951)
The Pleasure Garden (1953)

Disc 2: A Middle Period
The Bed (1968)
The Golden Positions (1970)
Dreamwood (1972)
High Kukus (1973)
Testament (1974)
The Water Circle (1975)
Erogeny (1976)

Disc 3: Finale: The Films With Joel Singer
Song of the Godbody (1977)
Hermes Bird (1979)
The Gardener of Eden (1981)
Devotions (1983)
Scattered Remains (1988)

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