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Alvaro is a meditation on loss and embodies the Portuguese spirit of Fado, the urban folk music of Portugal, that accompanies a portion of the film. The poem, "Alvaro," written by Alice Gonçalves Sousa, expresses the degree to which she was devastated by the death of her brother. The film includes imagery taken from inherited archival photographs, as well as material objects, furniture, clothing, the things that are left behind after a person passes. Nature and the seasons are a metaphor for the fragility of life and human emotions and are an expression of the loss that one feels when a loved one is gone. This film is a tribute to my Aunt Alice and Uncle Alvaro.

Sound track includes the "Fado Adivinha" performed by Misia, Lyrics by Jose Saramago, and Music by A. Vitorino d'Almeida

"This film is part of an Octet of Film Poems inspired by the poetry of my late aunt, Alice Gonçalves Sousa. Written in narrative style, Alice's poetry reflects the values of mid-century America when she came of age, particularly the attitudes toward women. I use the poems as a script and a jumping off point to create something new through the synergy of text, sound and image."

The complete Film Poem Octet is also available to rent as a package with reduced rental price.

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