The Losing Battle

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The Losing Battle is inspired by a poem that uses the metaphor of war for a lover's quarrel. My intention with the film is to amplify the emotional tone of the words, through repetition and staccato editing of image and sound in an attempt to convey the physical discomfort of being in an argument without winners, only losers.

Source material for soundtrack from "Bessie's Last Affair" by Ronald Shannon Jackson, and Quebec City Circus performance.

"This film is part of an Octet of Film Poems inspired by the poetry of my late aunt, Alice Gonçalves Sousa. Written in narrative style, Alice's poetry reflects the values of mid-century America when she came of age, particularly the attitudes toward women. I use the poems as a script and a jumping off point to create something new through the synergy of text, sound and image."

The complete Film Poem Octet is also available to rent as a package with reduced rental price.

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