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A frame by frame collision of totally disparate images.

"I haven't felt as good in a long time as when I stood in the Bonino Gallery looking at Breer's constructions and movies. The amazing thing is that all this goodness and happiness is caught so simply and so effortlessly. It's done through abstract lines, through the play of plastic elements, through movements and rhythms. The happiness has its own rhythm, and Breer seems to have caught and recreated it in his work. We look at Breer's work and we begin to smile - lightly, inside, a happy sort of smile, a happy feeling like when you see anything beautiful and perfect. It's through an amazing control and economy of his materials that he achieves this; through the elimination of all the usual emotional, personal, biographical material; not by giving in to temptations." - Jonas Mekas, The Village Voice

Award: Creative Film Foundation

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