Film Poem Octet

  • Jean Sousa |
  • 2015-2019 |
  • 32 minutes |
  • COLOR |

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The Film Poem Octet is a series of digital media works inspired by the poetry of my late aunt, Alice Gonçalves Sousa. Written in narrative style, Alice's poems express the challenges particular to women coming of age in mid-20th century America and growing old in a generation with limited options for women. Several poems are an expression of her feelings of anger, loss, and regret, and reflect the spirit of Fado, the urban folk music of her Portuguese heritage. The goal with this work is to amplify Alice's poetry, and use her words to make something new through the coalescence of text, sound, and image.

The Film Poem Octet includes:

Alvaro (2015, 6 min)
It's Over (2018, 1.5 min)
Promises (2016, 4 min)
Elusive Beauty (2015, 5 min)
The Losing Battle (2019, 5 min)
The Flame Still Burns (2017, 3 min)
Mirrors Today (2018, 2 min)
The Last Chapter (2019, 5 min)

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Production format: HD video

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