Rental Format(s): Digital File / Digital File - DCP

The condition of distance, genetic to the ethnographic image, traces the elusive qualities of my mother's past and persona as a woman of partial Chinese heritage.

Language: Mandarin Chinese / English subtitles

Production format: HD video

2019: Working Title Film Festival 4
2019: 19th Gimli Film Festival
2019: LACDA - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
2019: 21st Maryland Film Festival
2019: 3rd FRACTO - Experimental Film Encounter
2019: 41st Big Muddy Film Festival
2018: 4th Northampton Film Festival
2018: 29th New Orleans Film Festival
2018: 4th San Diego Underground Film Festival
2018: 25th Chicago Underground Film Festival
2018: 8th Lima Independiente
2018: 8th Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival
2018: Experiments in Cinema v13.6
2018: 56th Ann Arbor Film Festival

Projection note: Please mask the film when projected, if possible, as it will be pillarboxed in the digital file.

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Digital File $60.00  
Digital File - DCP $60.00  

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