A City In Four Parts and Other Films 2009-2019

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This is a DVD collection of short films by Jon Behrens from the last ten years, featuring 16 films digitally remastered in 2 and 4K.


In the Autumn Before the Winter Comes Man's Last Mad Surge of Youth (2019), A Beginning a Middle and an End (2013), A City in Four Parts (2016), A Winter Song (2019), An Afternoon at Oyster Bay (2016), Me and My Friend (2016), A Film Containing Trees (2017), The Colors of Boulder in the Summer (2015), Recycled Realizations (2017), Light Coins (2018), Two Roll Camera Roll (2017), An Optical Printer Duet (2016), Meandering (2015), Bleach Bypass (2019), Snow Film (2019), Six Arms Homage to Mekas (2009)

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