Girl is Presence

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Co-directed by Lynne Sachs and Anne Lesley Selcer

For GIRL IS PRESENCE, Lynne Sachs has made images as a form of reading and listening in response to disquieting words from Anne Lesley Selcer's poem "Sun Cycle". A girl arranges and rearranges objects, sensorily reflecting the tense and disharmonious list of words voiced by Selcer in the film. As the language builds in tension, the scene becomes occult, ritualistic, and alchemical. Against the uncertain and anxious pandemic atmosphere, performer Noa Street-Sachs, Lynne's daughter, creates and unmakes systems with the collection of small, mysterious things. Selcer's poem emerges from Sun Cycle, the eponymous book which deals with image, gender and power. This poem reworks a George Bataille essay to undo and recast its rhythms.

Production format: HD Video

Screenings and Awards: Crossroads Film Festival, San Francisco Cinematèque, Film Video Poetry Symposium

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