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The historical Estudios Churubusco lab, where Golden Era Mexican films were processed in the 1950s, is still running, pretty much unchanged. This film is a desperate and loving attempt to preserve the memory of the people, knowledge, and objects coexisting in this space, that risks closing at any time. Lab workers participated in the shooting as animators, actors, and technical advisors.

Director /cinematographer / editor: Elena Pardo
Animators: Elena Pardo, Ivonne Fuentes, Iván Avila, Maribel Caballero, Isidro Hernández, Juan Hernández, Víctor Hugo González,
Cast: Guadalupe Ramírez, Víctor Hugo González, Florencio Ortiz, Oscar Amezquita, Jaime Pérez, Marcial Lozano, Iván Zambrano.

Production format: 16mm

Screenings and Awards:
ANIMASIVO (Mexico City)
Edinburgh International Film Festival
S8 Mostra de Cinema Periférico
GIFF Guanajuato International Film Festival
Cinetoro Film Festival
National Experimental Video Festival
Kinoskop Festival

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