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In the midst of the Mazatec mountains in Oaxaca, there is a place that preserves sounds and images from Huautla's past. This movie starts, as every archive does, with a promise of a future. The Renato García Dorantes archive contains movies in both film and video, as well as photos, cinematographic technology and sound recordings of the Mazatec culture in Oaxaca. Some of them come from what was screened at the Huautla Cinema and others from research made by foreigners and Renato himself. Inti García (Renato's son) and his family are tracing the routes to achieve this encounter with the community.

Codirection: Tzutzu Matzin

Language: Spanish
Production format: HD Video

Executive Producer: CONACULTA
Production in Huautla de Jiménez: INTI GARCIA FLORES / ROSALBA ACOSTA LOPEZ
Cinematography and Edition: ELENA PARDO
Complementary Animation: TZUTZU MATZIN
With the support of: JORGE RODRIGO Y JORGE RODRIGO (bis)
Illustrations: NURIA DIAZ IBAÑEZ
Color correction: JUAN LUIS VELAZQUEZ
Music: Koowg kasia
Uské Orchestra
Uské Orchestra
Música tradicional de Huehuentones

With the participation of: Renato García Dorantes, Concepción Flores Corvera, Rodrigo López, Magali Montero, Isabel Rojas, Paulina, Emiliano García, Tania García

Voices in Mazateco:
Text by Renato García Dorantes, read aloud by Francisco Javier Vázquez Guizasola

Archive material:
Investigation and recording of whistling language: Robert Cowan
Interview Renato García
Margot P.
Huehuentones / To Rxoo
La fiesta de los muertos/ Nima Sui

Construction of Mazatec house
Dir. Renato García

Proyecto "Encuentro de las artes"
Coordination: Rodrigo González y Lucia Cavalchini

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