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"? Breerworld is homey but tumultuous, filled with sudden shifts in scale or color, flash frame jolts, and a steady back beat of good-natured apocalypse. ... [H]e towers over a field where gimmicks are common currency and cuteness is as virulent as malaria in the tropics .... T.Z. offers a typically witty barrage of domestic imagery and eclectic technique." - J. Hoberman, American Film

"Within the film's brief length, numerous dramas take place, puzzling and enthralling us with their restless, enigmatic denouements." - B. Ruby Rich, Chicago Reader "An elegant home movie, its subject is Breer's new apartment which faces the Tappan Zee (T.Z.) bridge. It is permeated, as are all his films, with subtle humor, eroticism and a sense of imminent chaos and catastrophe." - Amy Taubin, Artforum Exhibition: NY Film Festival, 1981; Biennial Exhibition, Whitney Museum of American Art, 1981.

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