There Are No Shadows in East Berlin

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This experimental time lapse film was shot in East Berlin's Lichtenberg neighborhood where the Stasi (secret police) were once headquartered. The shadows captured traverse the space giving us clues to the shadow past, the normalcy of surveillance, the old vestiges of power. The statistic states that 1 in 7 people at the Stasi's height were informants on their neighbors. The sounds portray secret messages, and codes from numbers, numbers intended to allude to the number of people you may mistrust. The soundscape works in tandem with the shadows and the psychogeography of the darker urban past and it's subtle presence felt today. The film is also a celebration of light from which all darkness can be derived, a celebration of time and space, of human resilience and possibility, and ultimately a loving look at East Berlin today.

Production format: SD video
Language: English/German (English subtitles)

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