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FLIGHT symbolically uses airplanes to represent society's effort to experience "something" out-of-body, indeed a spirit that flies. And the spirit still flies after individuals die; their experiences and connections to people as life is lived set to flight contrails existence that enters people known to the individual by way of their socialogical activities and family gatherings from this their live extend beyond the life they lived from physical birth to physial death so in that way peopl live forever or at minimum it can takes decades and decades if not hundreds of years for their spirit to stop being experienced by individuals. In Brice Bowman's film FLIGHT the spreading of human spirit is both achieved and experienced by such sociological ceremonies as dance as archtype and as a means of "flight" from the mundaneness of everyday experiences of life in rituals. Even somehting as simple as a child using "riding-horse" sets the spirit to flight in the imagination. This notion is futher dipicted in the film by adults in FLIGHT using model airplanes as they take flight in the film to represent souls taking off into the universe go whereever they go. Also interestingly Brice Bowman once again uses the "in-between moments" in the manner that film captures human activity on film that is, the in-between frames to represent the spirit or souls of the people either while they are alive or as trails of their being after they have flown to the next life. Another provocative symbol in the FLIGHT is the existence of water in the film as a symbolic for the subconscious to make contact with thier genelogical heritiage as a member of their families and to a larger degree society as a whole. The final scene is about departing the known phsycal life and passing into "other world".

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