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In Order Not to Be Here

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An uncompromising look at the ways privacy, safety, convenience and surveillance determine our environment. Shot entirely at night, the film confronts the hermetic nature of white-collar communities, dissecting the fear behind contemporary suburban design. An isolation-based fear (protect us from people not like us). A fear of irregularity (eat at McDonalds, you know what to expect). A fear of thought (turn on the television). A fear of self (don't stop moving). By examining evacuated suburban and corporate landscapes, the film reveals a peculiarly 21st century hollowness... an emptiness born of our collective faith in safety and technology. This is a new genre of horror movie, attempting suburban locations as states of mind.

Running Man: Joaquin DeLaPuente
Music: Kevin Drumm
Audio Mix: Jacob Ross
Director, Producer, Camera, Edit, Sound Design: Deborah Stratman

Vila Do Conde International Short Film Festival: Grande Premio Experimental, June 2003
Humboldt International Film Festival: Best Experimental, March 2003
Ann Arbor Film Festival: Best Experimental & Best Narrative Integrity, March 2003
Media City Film Festival: Honorable Mention, February 2003
CinemaTexas Int#l Film Festival: Gecko Award for Best Short Film, September 2002
Chicago Underground Film Festival: Best Experimental, August 2002
THAW Film/Video Festival: Best of the Festival, May 2002

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