Blue Movie

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Blue Movie is an elegiac tribute to the late Juanita Slusher, a Dallas-based exotic dancer well known in the 50s and 60s as ""Candy Barr"". Footage from the stag-film Smart Alec, a film given to me by my grandfather, is used as the majority of the source imagery set to a rendition of Autumn Leaves performed by Dallas-based vocalist Lily Taylor. The song was noted by Candy Barr as her favorite to dance to, while also noting that she viewed her dancing as a form of creative expression. The silver-based emulsion of the film was replaced with cyanotype chemistry and laid under the sun to create the blue image.

This film is a companion piece to my 2010 film, Confessors.

Language: English and French

Subtitles: English

Production format: 16mm

Screenings & Awards
High Coast International Film Festival (2019) / The Horse Hospital (2018) / Ann Arbor Film Festival (2018) / Portland Unknown (2018) / Artists Television Access (2017) / Echo Park Film Center (2017) / Southern Colorado Film Festival (2017) / San Diego Underground Film Festival (2017) / Eye Myth Film Festival (2017) / Moviate Underground Film Festival (2017) / Haverhill Experimental Film Festival (2017) / Crossroads (2017) / Sight Unseen (2017) / Chicago Underground Film Festival (2017) / Athens International Film and Video Festival (2017) / Nasher Sculpture Center (2017) / Hallwalls (2016) / Anti-Matter [Media Art] (2016) / Black Cube Gold Hill Art Project (2016) / Winnipeg Underground Film Festival (2016) / Milwaukee Underground Film Festival (2016) / Glob (2015) / McKinney Avenue Contemporary (2015) / Visual Studies Workshop (2015) / Connectivity Through Cinema (2015) / Microlights Cinema (2015) / Experimental Response Cinema (2015) / Headroom (2015)

55th Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour - Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival (2018)

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