Rental Format(s): 35mm film / Digital File

ARK is a film made from 35mm prints held in the G. William Jones Film and Video Collection's archive. The metaphor of the ark serves as a parallel for the archive as it rescues hundreds of films from the deluge of time and acts as a refuge from which to repopulate the world with images.

Production format: 35mm

Prjoection note: At certain moments in the film, the optical track will appear on both sides of the film. This is not a mistake, but intentional. The correct optical track will appear for the entirety of the print.

Screenings & Awards
Istanbul Experimental (2020) / Other Cinema (2019) / Chicago Underground Film Festival (2019) / Milwaukee Underground Film Festival (2019) / Athens International Film and Video Festival (2019) / Experiments in Cinema (2019) / Florida Experimental Film and Video Festival (2019) / Texas Theatre (2018) / Hawn Gallery (2018)

Rental Fees

35mm film $40.00  
Digital File $40.00  

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