Az Iz

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

A descent into a desert underworld. A macabre tale of life and lifelessness.

"Sensually dark and foreboding, AZ IZ rouses an ancient and atavistic trance."
- Kathleen Brennan Waits

"In "Az Iz", Bromberg builds what might be considered a jazz opera--it's all saxophone riffs, repetition and fragments, but swells to epic proportions, essaying notions of origins and archetypes. The deepest blues highlight the sky behind three people in the mountains, and later, black-and-white images of twisted and torqued trees resonate with all the mystical glory of Being. "Az Iz," with its sense of grandeur and beauty, is downright breathtaking, and the effect is sublime."
- Holly Willis, LA Weekly

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