No Garden Beyond

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By Anna Kipervaser + Rhys Morgan

Scenes from above, below and around the Sargasso Sea, a body of water unbounded by land where ecology and mythology have coexisted since before Juan de Bermúdez's 1505 expedition. Where spirits whisper through the Island's flora and fauna, only to be interrupted by the alternating currents of manmade ruin and regeneration.

"The dense fields of weeds waiting to entrap a vessel never existed except in the imaginations of sailors, and the gloomy hulks of vessels doomed to endless drifting in the clinging weed are only the ghosts of things that never were" - Rachel Carson in THE SEA AROUND US

Production Format: 16mm

Screenings & Awards:
Slamdance (2020), Breath Poetics in Experimental Film, Colgate University Alternative Cinema Series (2020), Edinburgh International Film Festival (2020, screening cancelled), Engauge Experimental Film Festival (2020), Antimatter [media art[ (2020), Milwaukee Underground Film Festival (2020), nanofest21 (2021), Dog Star Orchestra Festival (2021), Exposure, Kopernik Observatory & Science Center, Vestal, NY (Sept 2021)

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