Into the Wild

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Images, harvested on a farm in Mount Forest, Canada, captured with a hand-cranked Bolex on 16mm sound stock. Hand-processed in buckets, in shimmering red light down by the old stables. A glimpse through the cracks, somebody is walking in the meadow, trees and flowers trembling in the wind. A world that only film can see, a material flow emerging from the coupling of camera, celluloid, silver salts, chemicals, light particles and the hand of the filmmaker. The film was entirely processed by hand and chemically treated: overexposed images were brought back to life with bleach, other images were solarized and reversed.

Selected Screenings:
Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago/USA 2021
Tranas at the Fringe, Tranas/Sweden 2021
Bogota Experimental Film Festival, Bogota/Columbia 2021
Diagonale, Graz/Austria 2021
Vienna Shorts Film Festival, Vienna/Austria 2021

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