Body Politic

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... travels through a realm of modern moral dilemma, as it examines the relationship between high-technology medicine, religion, politics, and the American family.

"The body, culture and nature are also at stake in BODY POLITIC, a film that goes to a hospital operating room, research laboratories and a family picnic to outline the issues raised by genetic experimentation. With her typical serious humor, Bromberg explores both the claims of science (we can improve human life) and the claims of religion (God made perfect beings) and implicitly asks the question, 'How do we know when we've gone too far?' ... There's no voice-over and the argument is made by an athletic juxtaposition and testimony."
- Helen Knode, LA Weekly

Selective Exhibition: London Film Festival, 1989; Rotterdam Film Festival, 1990; Museum of Modern Art, NY, 1990.

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