Mountain View

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Mountain View thinks about framing, movement, surface and depth. The film consists of three continuous zooms towards a landscape that are deconstructed into a discontinuous sequence of single frames. Movement is exposed as an illusion of 24 static frames per second, the organic movement of the hand dissolved into structural variation. The world seen through the window frame appears as an image, a phantasmatic reality that is becoming more and more unstable the closer we get, until it disappears.

Selected Screenings:
Tranas at the Fringe, Tranas/Sweden 2020
Festival Ecra, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil 2020
Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna/Austria 2019
K3 Film Festival, Villach/Austria 2019
Cinemistica, Granada/Spain 2019
Dobra - Festival Internacional de Cinema Experimental, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil 2019
Vienna Shorts Film Festival, Vienna/Austria 2019
Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Scotland 2019
Revolutions per Minute Festival, Boston/USA 2019
Fracto, Berlin/Germany 2018
Stadtkino im Kuenstlerhaus, Vienna/Austria 2018

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