Camp Terezin

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This video poem mixes reappropriated footage shot in Terezin Concentration Camp in 1944 with contemporary footage of American children and their drawings that honor the children of the Holocaust. Camp Terezin also makes fun of Disney by comparing its characters and Disneyland visitors to inmates of a concentration camp. A few weeks after composing "Sonata No. 7 for Piano," which is also on the soundtrack, Viktor Ullmann, an Austrian of Jewish descent, was taken to Auschwitz, where he died in the gas chamber. About Terezin, Ullmann wrote, "our desire for culture was a match for our desire for life."

Written and directed by Alexis Krasilovsky.

Featuring: Mark Mars
Associate Producer: Reseda Mickey
Camera: Alexis Krasilovsky; Endoscopic Camera: Dr. Laurence Rifkin; Studio Camera: Madelyn Most
Edited by Sharon Vassar, Alexis Krasilovsky, Robert Riekeberg and Michael Laughlin
Art by Thomas Finney, Zoe Kintisch Rodriguez, Thomas Finney and other children of the Sequoyah School
Studio Technical Director: Thomas Darin
Assistants: Thomas Finney and Lauri Chiodini
Music by Viktor Ullmann
Piano: Edith Kraus

Selected Screenings:
Euro Underground FF 2001-03 (Paris, Berlin, Kiev, Antwerp, Krakow,Slovenia and Bangkok)
International Jewish FF, Sao Paolo, Brazil 2000
Documental, Santa Monica, CA 2001
Anti-Film Festival, Miami Florida 2000
Poetry Film Festival, San Francisco, 1999

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