Earthquake Haggadah, The

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Linking natural disaster to the personal disasters in our lives, this Passover celebration is a videopoem excerpted from the film Epicenter U., based on the 6.7 earthquake of January 17, 1994.

"The Earthquake Haggadah explores the Northridge earthquake as a metaphor for all the disruptions - natural and manmade, physical and psychic - of our lives... It left me with a feeling of human strength in the face of adversity."
- G. Murray Thomas, Next

Written, produced and directed by Alexis Krasilovsky.

Associate Producers: Deborah Abrams and Scott Jolgen
Camera: Steve Cohen, Todd Cribari, Darren Grant, Alexis Krasilovsky,Tyson Lavy, Marc Lyons, Naotaka Oigawa
Editor: Amy Tompkins
Video Editing: Reseda Mickey
Narrated by Wanda Coleman

The Earthquake Haggadah is part of the film Epicenter U. which screened at Laemmle Sunset (L.A.) in 1995 and is distributed through Canyon Cinema and

Selected Screenings:
Mill Valley Film Festival, 1996
Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, 1997
National Poetry Video Festival, Chicago, 1995
Honorable Mention, 20th Annual Poetry Film/Video Festival, San Francisco, 1995
Honorable Mention, Jewish Video Competition, Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley, 1996
Smith College Film and Video Festival, 1998

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