Same Difference

  • Al Wong |
  • 1975 |
  • 17 minutes |
  • COLOR |

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Soundtrack by Terry Fox

The central image in the film is of two windows. It was filmed over the course of one year and reflects the changes of the seasons and the color and light in the sky. The natural changes of time are caught in the frame and within the frame of the window, we are shown to be both different and the same.

Production format: 16mm

Selected Screenings and Awards:
First Prize, Rutgers University State University of New Jersey
Sheffield Doc/Fest International Film and Arts Festival, Sheffield, England, UK
Paule Anglim Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Art/Tape/22 Maria Gloria Bicocchi, Firenze, Italy
F&F Schule Fur Experimentelle, Zurich, Switzerland

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