Misery Next Time

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This associative stream of visuals, culled from the past, reflect on the roles of art, labor, and journalism in contemporary Sri Lanka, facing a dubious future ahead. Memory and ethnographic deconstruction cascade in an obliterated form, forging a dire and prescient assemblage.

Production format: HD Video

2022: Honorable Mention Award - 41st Thomas Edison Film Festival

2022: 48th Athens International Film + Video Festival
2022: 2nd Cosmic Rays
2022: 41st Thomas Edison Film Festival
2021: 7th San Diego Underground Film Festival
2021: 16th Tacoma Film Festival
2021: 17th Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival - Focus Programme
2021: CROSSROADS 2021
2021: 31st Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival
2021: An Evening with Rajee Samarasinghe - Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

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