Beech Tree (2 screen)

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The tree is fast becoming an important symbol for the anthropocene at this time of increasing climate change and our diminishing biodiversity.

This twin screen film (set adjacent within a 16:9 format) celebrates the Beech Tree through the changes in light, space and time, represented in the film in transitions between light and shade and visibility and obscurity.

BEECH TREE- ILLUMINATION (LS) depicts differences in light, from shade to varying degrees of illumination. BEECH TREE- APPEARANCE (RS) depicts how different weather conditions affect the representation of the image. Each of the films are comprised of a series of hand held continuous 'real time' takes of various durations recorded over a period of 10 years from 2010-20.

This film makes a significant contribution to my exploration of the processes involved in the representation of landscape into film and video. And how through duration, changes in light, weather and season, determine what is recorded and registered on film and consequently the way in which those changes affect the way in which we perceive and visually experience space and place in film.

Production format: HD video

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