Time Flow

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TIME FLOW is a two screen projection (now in digital form on 16:9) and is a short meditation on film time, light and movement, recorded on the Suffolk Stour, UK. Two 16mm cameras were used for filming and placed adjacent to each other and framed to create a visual continuum and panorama of a small section of river surface. Both cameras were started at exactly the same time, one loaded with a 400ft reel of film at the normal 25fps for a continuous take and the other using 4 separate film reels of 100ft. Starting with the first reel filmed at 50fps, the second at 10fps, the this at 1fps and the fourth at 1 frame every 10 seconds. A fishing float was used as a visual reference to indicate the film speed and time differences across the 2 screens.

The intention on making this film was that it could raise some interesting phenomenological questions about time, 'film time' and representation, particularly between the relationships of filming, projection and the spectators viewing time and experience.

Production format: 16mm

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