Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Original Score: (for piano, percussion, and tape) Douglas Cohen; Original tape sounds by Lawrence F. Brose; Piano: Michael McCandless; Percussion: Robert Schulz.

In this film, all of the effects were achieved via camera techniques employed during the course of the shoot. However, the rhythms and tempi were all planned and projected prior to the actual filming. The challenge here was to create a film where all the editing superimpositions and abstractions were accomplished "in camera" for the expressed purpose of capturing the energy of the moment.

CHAMNAN was shot in Bangkok, in the Reno Hotel, in a single room, over several days. This film might be the closest I have come to a self-study. It was an extremely emotional time as my brother had just been killed. I left for Thailand to remove myself from the abstractions of daily living and to spend time with my friend Chamnan. His image is present in most of the film.

The soundtrack includes live sounds taped during the time of the filming: the television in the room; frogs outside the window; the swimming pool; riding in a taxi; the percussive sounds of coins dropping in the cast-iron pots in the temple of the Reclining Buddha and ritual chanting during Buddhist Lent. The sounds were then altered, layered, and edited by composer Douglas Cohen and used as the foundation of the composition for live instruments.

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