24 Frames per Second

  • Al Wong |
  • 1977 |
  • 14 minutes |
  • COLOR |

Rental Format(s): 16mm film / Digital File

I first started by taking black 16mm film leader and held a magnifying glass above the film. I then used the sunlight to burn each frame in the film leader. At the same time that I was burning the film leader, I was also filming the process of burning each frame. After developing the film, I then physically burned each frame with a soldiering iron in the exact same area that it was burned by the sunlight.The result was that when projected, one would see the filming of the burn at the same time one sees a single frame action of the physical burning of the film, followed by other concepts dealing with 24 frames. 24 frames makes one second and this gives the illusion of smoothness. However, because each frame was burned, it gives an animated impression together with the smoothness of 24 frames.

Production format: 16mm

Projection note: Leave sound on. The sound of the film is from sprocket holes.

Selected screenings: Cooper Union Visiting Artist screening, NYC, 1983

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