Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Music: John Cage, performed by the Buffalo New Music Ensemble.

The cinematic challenge here was to create a visual image of musical glissandi. In his notes on RYOANJI, composer John Cage requested that the glissandi be "non-vibrato and as close as possible to the sound events found in nature rather than those occurring normally in music. The score is otherwise a 'still photograph' of mobile circumstances."

The images are put onto this film by hand. Rather than a series of photographs one after another, the image on the screen is of lines etched along the entire length of the film, providing a sustained, continuous image. This establishes a visual continuum. Also, using images of nature, I take these moving images and stack-print them onto each other, six, 12, or even 24 times to create another kind of movement.

The film is treated as another soloist in the ensemble. The score is recorded three times. In performance, the live vocalist, for example, will interact with three other versions of the song. The same holds true for the other instrumentalists as well. It is quite a full garden of sound.

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16mm film $80.00  

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