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In June 1999 dear friends Agneta Falk and Jack Hirschman were married at Matt
Gonzales' place in the Mission. I was there with my 16mm Bolex and filmed part of the
ceremony and crowd. After almost 30 years I finally made this footage into a finished
film. It features many of our dear friends both living and deceased. In honor of Jack and
Aggie's wedding anniversary I finished the film over the weekend.

Special Appearances by Susan Headley Angerame, Robert Anbian, Edmund Brooks, Mel Clay,
George Long, Rosemary Manno, David Meltzer, Alejandro Muaguia, Rebecca Peters, Redo,
Ronald Sauer, Mark Schwartz, Roger Strobel, George Tsongas, Bobby Yarra, Zhanna and many other distinquished artists of San Francisco.

Production format: 16mm

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