Neptunian Space Angel

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Soundtrack: Subduing Demons in America, John Giorno; Actress: Lillian North.

A film dealing with the alteration of human scaling within the 16mm frame. The "star" walks from one edge of the screen, passes the center, but never reaches the opposite edge. Shot in extreme slow motion, this film creates an unusual and bizarre sense of timelessness and distance. This allows the viewer to become involved with every subtle movement within the frame. The "center" of the frame is constantly emptying itself, creating a vacuum, and is left entirely open, only to be filled again, not with images, however, but with the mind's eye. The space created in the center of the frame allows one to pass through the film and enter an inner dimension of visual perception.

A cycle is attained whereby the film, emptying itself, gives the viewer the space he needs so that he may feed energy back into the space. This film is a unique approach to dealing with space that surrounds filmic images.

Awards: Certificate of Merit, Chicago Int'l Film Festival, 1977; Fellowship Competition at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1979; SF Art Institute Film Festival, 1980.

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