Mission San Juan

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This small town San Juan Bautista, CA, in the San Benito County, was the place of the Spanish Franciscan congregation settlement (1797) who builded a church and a convent (in California are called mission), ranks among the most important historical events of the state. However the town is mostly remembered for being the location of a Hollywood produced film by Alfred Hitchcock's called -Vertigo. San Juan Bautista in super 8mm is both a visual investigation of the reality of the location (there was no tower on the church) juxtaposed to the fictional reality of mass media entertainment, and a documentation with the humble "small" film format. It is a film about Spanish heritage and culture lost and the modification or extinction of tradition in a series of regional events that took place and are now socially adapted.

Projection note: Mission San Juan is a video installation intended for a looping or repetitive mode playback.

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