Out of the Blue

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"Out of the Blue is a characteristically thought-provoking and contemplative work constructed from seemingly disparate elements: imagery recorded from the window of a plane during her trans-Atlantic travels, diary-like footage (including haunting images of the twin beams of light that illuminate the night sky in NYC each year to mark the anniversary of 9/11), onscreen texts, and found imagery and sound. The result is a highly personal, open-ended meditation on the passage of time, historical trauma, and liminal physical and emotional spaces that embodies Fisher's radically multilayered approach: juxtaposing multiple layers of visual and aural materials, she not only creates a rich visual experience but also brings into play a
dizzying and cross-pollinating array of ideas."
- Jed Rapfogel, Anthology Film Archives curator

"... evidence indeed that 'everything is cinema.' At least in the right hands!"
- John Gianvito

Filmmaker (direction/camera/editor): Holly Fisher
Music: Lois V Vierk, "Words Fail Me" - Part I & Part II plus on-screen program notes, recording courtesy of New World Records (www.newworldrecords.org)
With: Joanna, Noll, Marilyn, Kimiko, Jeanne, Colonel Tibbits

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