• Al Wong |
  • 1982 |
  • 9 minutes |
  • COLOR |

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Video documentation of installation with 16mm film projection. Contact Canyon Cinema for further information about exhibiting this installation

The concern here is to try to make the space between the wall and the puddle to be connected. The image of the person on the wall picking up pebbles and tossing it to the area of the puddle having ringlets of water appearing.

Projection Instructions
Important: To start, one has to place the projector at a 45 degree angle with the projection light on so one can see the shape of the projector light on the floor. This is the template. One can then place a large rope or water hose on the floor around the template. As you notice in the photograph, the projection light is butted at the end of the wall. That is very important. After putting the rope or water hose in the shape of the template, cover the area with a black tarp and tuck the black tarp from the inside so the hose or rope can be used as a barrier from not having the water paint spilling out. Don't forget, one has to mix 2-3 gallons of water to one cup of white poster paint and pour it towards the top and bottom of the template covering the entire "puddle". If need be, add more water. In the photograph, not only is the puddle lit up in the projector light, but the puddle reflects light up to the wall. This will help bring the concept of image playing between the wall and the puddle on the floor. It is very much like sculpture. When focusing the image, focus 50% on the wall and 50% on the puddle.

When the film installation is finished, you need 2 people to hold the corner of each end of the tarp and pull it together closer until you have a pool of the paint water in the center of the tarp. You then simply slip the paint water into the bucket and slowly pull one side of the tarp to disengage it from the water so the water then is fully transferred to the bucket.

Production format: 16mm

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