Gardener of Eden, The

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A film by James Broughton and Joel Singer

Filmed on the paradise island of Sri Lanka, this intense poetic work celebrates the eternal dance of nature's sexuality, and sings of the lost Eden we all search for but do not expect to find.

In the midst of his fertile garden, while he awaits Adam's return, God tries to keep his eye on all the flowering exuberance he has seeded. The film is written and narrated by James Broughton, and photographed by Joel Singer. The music is performed on twin conch shells, and the central actor is in real life the most famous horticulturalist in Ceylon.

"... the meshing of ancient philosophy and modern technology in a song of the mysteries of protoplasm!" - Lenore Rinder

"An ecstatic masterpiece!" - Stan Brakhage

Awards: Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1981; SF Int'l Film Festival, 1981; Baltimore Film Festival, 1981.

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