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A synaesthetic S16mm portrait made between French Polynesia and the French province of Bretagne, COLOR-BLIND recruits the restless ghost of Paul Gauguin as an uneasy spirit guide in excavating the colonial legacy of a decidedly syncretic post-colonial present. Featuring im/material guest appearances by: white-tipped reef sharks, color tests, Aldous Huxley's "Island," any number of sunsets, Marquesan techno, Herman Melville, authorized Gauguin reproductions, an illegal kava ceremony, the beach in the 4th season of Survivor, traditional face tattoos, Haka dance rehearsals, Warren Sonbert's "Short Fuse" and a first-hand account of 1 of the 210 nuclear tests conducted by the French government in Polynesia between 1960-1996.

Language: French, Marquesan, English
Subtitles: English

Production format: 16mm

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