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Hermes Bird

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"This is the secret that will not stay hidden/this secret that is no secret / Here is the wonder of the god in man / Here is the dangling flower of Eros."

So begins the poetry sequence on the soundtrack of this very intimate film.

HERMES BIRD is a celebration and an apotheosis of the masculine miracle: the transformative powers of the phallus, revealed as a phenomenon of glowing beauty and wonder.

Because the film occurs in extreme slow motion one has the opportunity to witness for the first time in cinema the delicate pulsations and tremors and changes of the penis as it grows erect, until at last, reaching outward and upward, it takes flight toward its climax. The filmmaker-poet has written a group of lyrical poems for the sound of the film. They are spoken by the poet, and they sing praises for the radiant masculine mystery of the "sacred firebird," the "holy acrobat shaped for surprise" which is every man's pride and, hopefully, his joy.

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