Put the Brights On

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Put the Brights On combines 16mm, s8, archival footage, and interviews with four Trans people who choose to live outside the city. Shot and recorded in "Greater Minnesota" but applicable to the nationwide urban/rural divide.

Camera/Sound/Edit: Raymond Rea
Sound Design/Music: Purest Spiritual Pigs

Production format: 16mm, Super 8

Selected Screenings: Inside Out (Toronto), Mimesis (Boulder, CO), Outfest (Los Angeles LGBTQ Festival), Translations (Seattle Transgender Festival, Trans Stellar (Detroit) Experiments in Cinema (Albuquerque, NM), Reel Q (Pittsburgh, PA), Indie LINCS (Lincoln, England), Frozen River Film Festival (Winona, MN), FM LGBT Film Festival (Fargo, ND) Stray Cat Cinema (Kansas City, MO)

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