Negative / Positive Film

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Negative / Positive Film is a hand-made, camera-less collage film composed of layers of erotic 16mm films from 1920s, 1940s and 1970s, intermingled with nature documentaries and layers of organic materials. This visual abstraction merges together both positive black-and-white film, and its negative black-and-white counterpart - on the same film base. This allows the film to exist in two versions, one positive and, the other negative. The artist once again uses the very delicate technique she has been perfecting over the past years of Emulsion Grafting, also known as Emulsion Lifting. The film is as an abstract remediation of female bodies dislodged from their original erotic context and, ripped away from their male co-protagonists. The man is removed from the picture, while the female body slowly merges with the body of insects and flowers at the crossroad between eco-criticism, decorative art, sculpture, and cubism. This unique film uses organic material, melted together with gelatine emulsion, first liquified then re-solidified, to produce a crystallized allegory of womanhood.

Production format: 16mm

Multi-channel installation version
The multi-channel installation exists in serval combinations and it has been designed for 2 - 4 - 6 screens. It includes the single channel film in both positive and negative versions, 35mm slides, and an abstract white film on organic and biodegradable support.

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