Nancy Spero: A Conversation with the Artist

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One of the foremost political and feminist artists of our time, Nancy Spero talks about the Women Artists' movement and images of women in her own work, during a 1989 retrospective at the New Museum for Contemporary Art in New York City. A leader of Women Artists in Revolution and one of the founders of the all-women's A.I.R. Gallery in New York, Nancy Spero redefined the image of woman as "Other" in such internationally renowned works as The Torture of Women, depicting women as active participants in history.

Produced and Directed by Alexis Krasilovsky
Executive Producer: Douglas Ward Kelley
Art by Nancy Spero
Interviews with Nancy Spero by Douglas Ward Kelley and Alexis Krasilovsky
Camera: John Hession
Additional camera: Alexis Krasilovsky
Sound: John Gurrin
Music composed and performed by Kerry Campbell and Frederick Reed
Editor: Amy C. Halpern
Edited at LBMA Video - Long Beach Museum of Art

This video was included in the juried exhibition, Concepts & Dimensions, March 14-16, 1991, Trumbull Art Gallery, Warren, Ohio, and is part of the extra chapter material on the DVD, End of the Art World.

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