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Film Nos. 1-5, 7, & 10 (Early Abstractions)

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

c. 1946-57, compiled c. 1965

Preserved by Anthology Film Archives, New York

No. 1: Hand-drawn animation of dirty shapes-the history of the geologic period reduced to
orgasm length.

No. 2: Batiked animation, etc., etc. The action takes place either inside the sun or in Z├╝rich,

No. 3: Batiked animation made of dead squares, the most complex hand-drawn film imaginable.

No. 4: Black and white abstractions of dots and grillwork made in a single night.

No. 5: Color abstraction. Homage to Oscar Fischinger -- a sequel to No. 4

No. 7: Optically printed Pythagoreanism in four movements supported on squares, circles,
grillwork and triangles with an interlude concerning an experiment.

No. 10: An exposition of Buddhism and the Kaballa in the form of a collage. The final scene
shows Aquaric mushrooms (not in No. 11) growing on the moon while the Hero and Heroine
row by on a cerebrum.

-Harry Smith

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